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Vietnam Visa Requirements for Afghanistan

The updated news of Vietnam Immigration Department for Afghanistan indicates that Vietnam visa is required if citizens of this country to enter Vietnam. In the other words, Afghanistan citizens need to have a valid Vietnam visa or an issued Vietnam visa approval letter before travelling to Vietnam.

Normally, applicants can get Vietnam visa at two places namely Vietnam embassy/consulate or Vietnam international airport. However, getting visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate is likely not the optimistic option for Afghanistan citizens due to restriction in bilateral diplomatic policy between two countries. In fact, a lot of Vietnam embassy/consulate refuse to process Vietnam visa for Afghanistan if you do not have any guarantee letter from a company located in Vietnam or a pre-approved Vietnam visa code issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

To be certain of getting visa to Vietnam, applying online for a Vietnam visa approval letter and then get official visa at Vietnam international airport is the best choice for Afghanistan citizens. Getting visa this way, you just need to submit Vietnam visa application online with adequate information (your full name, date of birth, passport number, type of visa and so on). As Afghanistan citizens is in the special list of Vietnam visa policy, Vietnam Immigration Department requires a scanned copy of your passport, accommodation reservation and air ticket to issue Vietnam visa for you. Thus, you need to send all the documents to our support email after submitting application. Next, you should transfer payment for Vietnam visa approval fee. It is notice that applied fee for citizens of Afghanistan is different from other countries, so you are recommended to contact our support team for exact approval fee.   A few working days later, an issued Vietnam visa approval letter will be sent to your registered email. After receiving the letter, you can use it to get visa stamped at Vietnam international airport. 

Applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is the most suitable method for Afghanistan citizens to have visa for your trip to Vietnam. This applying way permits you to get visa upon arrival Vietnam without going to any Vietnam embassy/consulate prior and sending original passport to anywhere.


For further Vietnam visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens, please contact our support team via email or hotline (+84 943 25 25 52).