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Terms and conditions

Our Services and use of this site are subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy and policy.

Welcome to www.visainvietnam.com . These Terms and Conditions should be applied whenever you access the website, regardless of how or where you access the website.

Accessing to www.visainvietnam.com and the purchase of any service/s from www.visainvietnam.com is conditional upon you reading and accepting all of the terms and conditions in, and linked to, the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, as they exist at that time. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of www.visainvietnam.com.

1. Defined Terms

"www.evietnamvisa.com" or “Vietnam visa-online” or "we" or "our" means www.visainvietnam.com.

"Client" or "you" or "your" or "their" means the individual visiting this Website.

"Working Day" means week days from Monday to Friday except for the National holidays (January 1st, last day of the last lunar month - 3rd day of the first lunar month, 10th day of the March lunar month, April 30th, May 1st, and September 2nd).

"Website" means www.visainvietnam.com.

2. Cancellation:

All cancellation should be made before your visa status is changed into “processing” or has not been sent to Vietnam Immigration Department. Should you have any wish to change your information or cancel the visa application, you should do contact with our supporting hotline (+84.943.25.25.52) or email to support@visainvietnam.com .

3. Refund Policy

As above mentioned, you order ID is only cancelled in the only event that we are informed before your via application is changed into “processing” status as the Vietnam Immigration Dept runs a no refund policy on all Vietnam visas and they charge for work done and not per granted visa. In the event that you have made payment to us and your visa application status is still “underpayment” and “inadequate”.

In urgent case regarding problem of picking up visa at Vietnam airport, please inform us immediately through the hotline (+84.943.25.25.52) for assistance. In case we are not informed, we are not supposed to be responsible for the later effect due to the problem.